Map © 2015 Philip Schwartzberg, Meridian Mapping, Minneapolis, MN

Map © 2015 Philip Schwartzberg, Meridian Mapping, Minneapolis, MN

110th Infantry Regiment’s Defensive Positioning in Bastogne Corridor

110th Infantry Regiment, Col. Hurley Fuller’s command post was in Clervaux; Executive Officer was Col. Daniel B. Strickler

1st Battalion held the northern section with Col. Donald Paul’s command post at Urspelt:

  • Company A held Heinerscheid.
  • Company B held Marnach.
  • Company C was in “reserve” in Munshausen.
  • Company D held Grindhausen with three machine-gun crews detached to Reuler.

2nd Battalion, in reserve:

  • Companies E, F, G, and H were held at Donnange and Wiltz, where they served as the division’s only reserve.
  • General Cota’s 28th Infantry Division command post was in Wiltz.

3rd Battalion held the southern section with Maj. Harold Milton’s command post at Consthum:

  • I Company held Weiler-les-Putscheid.
  • K Company held Hosingen;  Attachments: B Company, 103rd Engineer Battalion (125 men), 2nd and 3rd Platoons of M Company, 2nd platoon of 630th Tank Destroyer Battalion (30 men), and twenty men from a “Raider” unit
  • Companies L and M held Holzthum (just south of Hosingen).
  • M Company and A Company, 447th Anti-Aircraft Artillery, were in Consthum.


  • Companies C and L, 110th, were the “reserve” companies for their respective battalions.
  • Companies D and M, 110th, were the heavy weapons companies; each had spread their men and weapons spread among the strong points of their battalion.

Also operating in the area of the 110th Infantry Regiment:

  • 707th Tank Battalion was at Wilwerwiltz.
  • 630th Tank Destroyer Battalion (57-mm anti-tank guns) and 447th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion had also spread their men and weapons among the strong points of each battalion.

Defensive Positions in Hosingen, Luxembourg