Row 1 (l-r):

  • T/4 Wayne V. Erickson, Medic, 103rd Medical Bn assigned to K Co., 110th IR
  • Executive Officer, 1st Lt. Thomas J. Flynn, K Co., 110th IR, 1st platoon CO
  • SSgt. William O. Freeman, 630th Tank Destroyer Bn, 110 IR
  • Pvt. William A. Gracie, Bazooka, 4th Platoon, K. Co., 110th IR

 Row 2 (l-r):

  • Staff Sgt. Norman R. Guenther, Machine Gunner, K Co., 110th IR
  • Pvt. Dale L. Gustafson, Machine Gunner, M Co., 110th IR
  • Cpl. Samuel L. Miller, Machine Gunner, B Co., 103rd Engineer Bn
  • 1st Lt. James D. Morse, Mortar Leader, M Co., 110th IR

Row 3 (l-r):

  • Cpl. John M. Putz, Medic, 103rd Medical Bn assigned to B Co., 103rd Engineer Bn
  • PFC. James M. Arnold, Heavy Machine Gunner 605, M Co., 110th IR
  • Pvt. Clifford Williford, Ass't Mortarman, M Co., 110th IR
  • Tech Sgt. Lester Edward Goodermote, B Co., 103rd Engineer Bn; KIA 16 Dec 1944, Hosingen, LUX

Row 4 (l-r):

  • Tech Sgt. Charles W. Weiss, M Co., 110th IR
  • Pfc. Lawrence I. Falstein, K. Co., 110th IR


The Heroes of Hosingen -

(the roster will be updated as new information is obtained)

Updated June 1, 2017