Alice Flynn has been a professional writer since 2004. She has a B.S. in business marketing from Portland State University and has extensive experience with research-oriented writing, and the ability to make complicated topics easy to understand. Ms. Flynn has masterfully applied her research and writing skills to both her father's story, Unforgettable: The Biography of Capt. Thomas J. Flynn (ISBN 978-1452814964) published in September 2011 and The Heroes of Hosingen: Their Untold Story (ISBN 978-1517268336), released in December 2015.  

Unforgettable: The Biography of Capt. Thomas J. Flynn was her first self-published book. His incredible story won four book awards in 2012. Realizing there were many other families searching for the information she had found on her father’s WWII story, she shared her research on the book’s website to help other families looking for information. 

It worked. She received such great response and so much more information from other families who had relatives that fought alongside her father that she decided to rewrite the war part of her father’s biography, making it the best account of what happened in the frontline villiage of Hosingen, Luxembourg in those critical first three days of the Battle of the Bulge. It is a very personal story as told primarily by the men that were there, making it read more like a novel that an military record of events. The Heroes of Hosingen, Their Untold Story finally recognizes and honors those brave soldiers who were ordered to “Hold at all costs”, sacrificing themselves for time, but which ultimately resulted in their capture by the Nazis where they were forced to endure the unimagineable to survive.  

Alice was also able to collaborate with several historians in Hosingen as well as the town’s mayor, who shared more unpublished details and a large collection of pre- and post-war photos of the town. Forty of these photos are included in the book and on this website to help the reader visualize the story as it unfolds. The Heroes of Hosingen has already earned two awards in the Military History category and a glowing Kirkus Review as well as attracting the attention of more families searching for the story of their beloved veteran. 

Alice is passionate about helping other families uncover the stories their WWII veterans found hard to talk about. A native of Kimballton, Iowa, Ms. Flynn has lived in Portland, Oregon since the mid-1980s. She is married, has three sons and two grandsons and a black Labrador named Bullet. 



110 Kids Club

If you have a family member who fought in Hosingen, Luxembourg in December 1944, I'd like to hear from you so please send me an email. We are gladly accepting new members into the group we are affectionately calling "the 110 Kids Club" - children of the heroes who fought alongside my father.

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Battle of the Bulge: the Heroic Stand at Hosingen,   WWII History Magazine, Battle of the Bulge Special Edition, December 2014, by Alice M. Flynn and Allyn R. Vannoy.

reprint of august 2017 article: At All costs by alice m flynn

reprint of august 2017 article: At All costs by alice m flynn

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For research tips and ideas on how to access veteran information, please send me a request through the Contact the Author link below and I'll send you Appendix C - Getting Started on Your Own Research Project from Unforgettable: The Biography of Capt. Thomas J. Flynn.

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Magazine articles: Bravery at the Battle of the Bulge, USA Today Magazine May 2017 issue and At All Costs, WWII History Magazine August 2017 issue.